A pelican I photographed in Marco Island. I had a little fun in post.
DSC_8169 tc.jpg
DSC_8169 tc.jpg
DSC_8150 tc.jpg
 A flower I captured in the Rain Forest in Costa Rica
 A sunset in Naples Florida
 Balmy Beach outside Midland Ontario.
 A wild flower up north of Toronto.
 Birds taking off at the beach in Naples.
 Afternoon storm kicking up in the rain forest in Costa Rica.
 Sunset at Balmy Beach Midland.
 Away with the camera club in Tobermory Ont.
 Tobermory Ont.
 sunset from the Kalahari Desert in Africa laid over the Gulf of Mexico.
 A bird at rest in Naples Fl.
 A duck from High Park in Toronto.
 High Park Toronto.
 A mother Osprey feeding her young in Naples Fl.
 percy rock at sun rise.
 sunset in Tobermory
 Taken in Naples Fl.
 late afternoon near Bankcroft Ont.
 I shot this sunset at Balm Beach in Midland.
 Sunset at Balm Beach in Midland
Outside Dorset early morning
Near Dorset early morning
Dorset early morning
 Sunset in Balm Beach in Midland
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